“Namaste, India!” – Mennekes Has New Subsidiary in India

With the traditional Indian greeting, Mennekes Electric India Pvt. Ltd. has now begun operating in the Indian metropolis of Chennai. With over a billion inhabitants, India, as one of the BRIC nations, has enormous potential. With a wealthy middle class that is constantly growing, the process of industrialization is proceeding here at an accelerating pace. The resultant surge in demand has brought about an increase in demand for energy and thus also for industrial plugs and sockets. And for this reason, the new Mennekes subsidiary will be offering the Indian market the full range of Mennekes-brand products, from wall mounted sockets, panel mounted sockets, and connectors up to AMAXX receptacle combinations.

Christopher Mennekes (fourth from the right), Managing Partner of the Mennekes Group, with the majority of the employees from the new subsidiary in India.

Mennekes has been active on the subcontinent since back in 1995. The market was initially served for more than ten years via various representatives. Then, a liaison office with the company’s own personnel was established in 2007/2008, laying the foundations for a stronger brand presence in this key market. One of the reasons at the heart of the decision to establish a company-owned subsidiary there is to improve local availability of products, which Mennekes now believes is ensured.

“We are happy and proud that after a long and intensive period of preparation, and after overcoming various bureaucratic hurdles, usual for a founding process such as this, we can finally make a start,” said Christopher Mennekes, Managing Partner of the Mennekes Group. With a total of 18 employees, 12 of which work in the field, the aim is to not only establish a comprehensive network of channel partners but also have ameans to directly underline the unique selling points and customer benefits that Mennekes’ quality products provide in the key industries.

The staff of Mennekes Electric India Pvt. Ltd. are highly motivated, and when a company establishes its own subsidiary, there is the need to underline that the company is planning for the long term, offering the people there not only an opportunity to develop but also enabling them to actively participate in the company. Mennekes’ commitment in India is also indicative of the company’s consistent approach towards an increasingly international direction. “Our strategy is to think globally, operate locally. We want to be represented in all the major markets of the future, thus expanding our presence worldwide,” said Christopher Mennekes.


Kirchhundem, 03.09.2012
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