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Plugs and sockets for reefer containers and terminals

  • AM-TOP® plugs and connectors.

    Stable enclosure consisting of one part. The teeth on the cable gland secure a safe grip and protect against loosening. The cable gland serves as an anti-bend protection for the cables at the same time.

  • Tight and durable.

    Safety for all enclosures thanks to foamed seals:
    silicone, CFC and halogen-free. The permanently elastic seals ensure protection type IP 67 even after years of use.

    Secure contact.

    Nickel plated contacts and highly heat resistant contact carriers provide optimum protection against corrosion and overheating.

  • Proven a million times over.

    Receptacles with the patented, mechanical DUO
    interlocking ensure that the receptacle can only be
    switched when inserting a plug.

    Switched and padlocked receptacles.

    Also available in a protected design with monitoring receptacle.
    Largely dimensioned wiring space for all required cable cross

  • Mechanical DUO interlocking.

    The switch is locked inthe OFF position.
    The plug can only be inserted and withdrawn if the switch is in the OFFposition. The switch canonly be turned to ON when a plug is inserted in the receptacle. 


    The plug is locked in the ON position.
    To remove the plug withthe switch in ON position is not possible. 

  • AMAXX® receptacle combinations:

    Receptacle combinations consist of robust enclosures made of the special plastic AMAPLAST used by MENNEKES. Available from a single DUO interlocked receptacle up to combinations with five modules which can be fitted with three DUO receptacles and fusing. They are expandable by flanging the combinations vertically or horizontally.

    Tested safety.
    Internationally standardised refrigerated containers: earthing contact in the 3 o' clock position to IEC 60309-2/EN 60309-2, protection type IP 67.

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