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Leaf through the MENNEKES family album and find out more about the history of our company.

  • Aloys Mennekes receives his master craftsman's diploma from the Arnsberg guild, enabling him to start his own business.

    - 1914 - - 1935 - - 1935 -

    Company's founder Aloys Mennekes (front row, with apron) in front of the family home in Kirchhundem-Hofolpe.

    Aloys Mennekes (centre) with his first apprentice and another employee on his newly purchased motorcycle.

  • After the second world war there were shortages of everything, even matches. Therefore Aloys Mennekes invents the "Glühauf" (a wall-mounted firelighter). It is a huge hit. Shown here in a promotional photo from the 70s.

    The company's aluminium foundry produces the first one-piece plugs.

    - 1945 - - 1948 - - 1949 -

    After just one year of construction, the first factory building is completed.

  • Completion of the second factory building and start of the plastic moulding production.

    - 1950 - - 1957 - - 1963 -

    The first exhibition stand in Hanover.

    Establishing business contacts from the "Sauerland" is far from easy - particularaly in the pre-motorway era. This six-seater DO 27 named "Liesel" and an airstrip in Kirchhundem-Würdinghausen provide a valuable link to the world.

  • Construction of the third production facility. The picture illustrates the present appearance of this building.

    Dieter and Walter Mennekes take over the management of their father's company. Since 1991 Walter Mennekes runs the company as CEO.

    - 1973 - - 1975 - - 1975 -

    The 65th birthday of Aloys Mennekes. He celebrates with his wife "Liesel", the family and numerous friends.

  • Walter Mennekes and Bob Wheeler establish the first subsidiary abroad - MENNEKES Electric Limited in Orpington (UK). Today numerous subsidiaries belong to the "Mennekes Group".

    - 1977 - - 1991 - - 1992 -

    MENNEKES continues to grow. The new headquarters of the well-known manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets is completed.

    "Technoplast" in Saxony becomes member of the "Mennekes Group".

  • Extension of the headquarters. Today six floors and a modern training centre enable an effective and efficient administration of the company.

    Due to the increasing demand of the Chinese market, MENNEKES invests in a second production plant in Nanjing.

    - 2002 - - 2008 - - 2009 -

    The joint venture in China already starts in 1995. In 2002 Walter Mennekes decides to build up a production plant in Nanjing that exclusively supplies the Chinese market.

  • - 2010 -

    The construction of the new factory building in Kirchhundem is completed.