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Why are brands essential?

  • A MENNEKES commitment 


    What differs a brand product  from a low budget product? 

    Our answer: almost everything. Everything for what we get up daily. Everything we invest time, money and efforts in. And everything for what we guarantee with our name. 

    This is devoted to all, which do their job with the same enthusiasm, like we do and which follow the same guideline: Our brand is our pretension. What this exactly means to us, we want to explain on the next pages.

  • It promises quality and service. Only a Mercedes is a Mercedes.

  • It encourages customers to buy our products. From you. 

  • Why? Because someone who stands behind his name is more credible than someone who hides his identity. My name is Walter Mennekes. 

  • If you or your customers have questions, inquiries, or other issues, we will alway be there for you. You may call it customer service - we call it commitment to our brand.   

  • A strong brand is well known and respected in the market. That´s a major asset for all those who have one.

  • It also stands for excellent customer service, integrity and strong partnerships - it is a statement of its own. Sell your customers more than just a product: sell them a brand.

  • We are driven to constantly improve our products and services. Companies which live the brand are the most innovative! If you buy a branded product, you'll support future investments in developments which are the lifeblood of our businesses.

  • You get what you paid for. Your customers know that. Those who are value orientated don't buy cheap products, they buy brands.

  • We lead the way in innovation, quality, manufacturing and development. Being the best is always respected, like in the Olympc Games.

  • Partners like you.