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Panel mounted receptacles SCHUKO® with front gasket

  • Standard change  of DIN VDE 620-1 for portable units.

    For the use in portable units, panel mounted receptacles must be used according to the latest defaults of DIN VDE 620-1 (version of Feb. 2010), which meet the protection type IP X4 with closed  hinged lid and with  inserted, compatible plug in any position of use.

  • Before the standard change, the protection type IP X4 was deemed as met, if with a vertical mounting   position of the receptacles alone the conditions are met.

    According to the new standard regulations, the protection type IP 54 is met with each mounting position of MENNEKES receptacles with a closed hinged lid.

    Protection type IP 44 is  ensured with inserted,  compatible receptacle, regardless of the position of use.

    This concerns all portable power supplies like cable drums, mobile receptacle combinations and mobile work lights. 

  • MENNEKES panel mounted receptacles SCHUKO® are available in the colours grey, blue, black and red.

    Different colour receptacles can be used for visual reasons. But they can also be used to mark different circuits and fuses.