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With efficient solutions in the areas of industrial plugs and sockets, electric mobility, as well as certifications, prizes and awards for its innovations, MENNEKES has been a leading manufacturer in the industry for decades. MENNEKES' products and achievements are consistently honored with prizes awarded by expert juries. The overview lists all current awards.

Special Retailer of the Year 2019

In 2019 MENNEKES is again recognized as specialist retail brand of the year in the energy sector. The Plus X Award is conferred based on a nationwide survey conducted with participants from the specialist retail trade. This award recognizes the exemplary, responsible collaboration of MENNEKES and the specialized retail trade.

German Design Award Special 2019

The German Design Awards honor innovative products, projects, and the manufacturers and designers of these innovative products and projects. In 2019 MENNEKES was able to win this prize twice: with the EverBOX Grip in the Building and Elements category, and with the entire PowerTOP Xtra family in the Industry product group.

ADAC wall boxes test 2018

The ADAC regularly makes system comparisons. In the system comparison of wall boxes the MENNEKES AMTRON® charging box received the "Excellent" rating, and thus it is one of the top 3 wall boxes that were tested. Thus MENNEKES' efforts, which are aimed at ensuring that the user feels comfortable and safe in dealing with electric mobility, are recognized.

German Innovation Award 2018

The German Innovation Award is conferred on products and solutions which, first and foremost are differentiated from previous solutions through focus on the end user and an added value. With X-CONTACT MENNEKES has developed a product that simplifies workflows and at the same time increases safety for users.

German Brand Award 2018

The German Brand Award is the award for brands and their makers and certifies MENNEKES as having one of the best brand strategies. MENNEKES is particularly characterized through its focus on individual solutions, rather than individual products alone; this focus enables the firm to to be close to its customers, and thus MENNEKES has been able to consistently expand the MENNEKES brand.

INKA Award 2016

The INKA Award is conferred on catalogs and shops for quality workmanship of the media. In this regard MENNEKES was declared overall winner in the product brochure category with the AMTRON brochures.