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Cepex enclosure 4377

  • grey
  • as panel mounted receptacle
  • for installation of RJ45 data port receptacles
  • for Reichle + De-Massari type module real 10, also suited for data modules of Telegärtner (AMJ/UMJ cat.6+, Setec (XKJ), Corning (FutureCOM S10TENe Keystone), Dätwyler (KS-T6A, MS-K, PS-GG45), Rutenbeck (UM real cat.6a, A), LEONI MegaLine, (Keystone)
  • with labelling field
  • 2 keys
  • with identical locks: part no + index G
  • Part no.4377
  • EAN4015394244677
  • Std. Pack. 5
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Technical specifications

Cepex enclosure 4377

Appropriate accessories

Cepex enclosure 4377

Flush mounted installation box

Part no. 41404

for Cepex CEE receptacles 16 A and 32 A and Cepex receptacles SCHUKO®, can be combined with all Cepex panel mounted receptacles

Data module

Part no. 25056

Reichle + De-Massari, type: data port insert Real 10, cat.6, screened, incl. frame for snap-in, fits Cepex data port receptacle, part no. 4375 and variants

Frequently asked questions about the product

Are there spare keys for lockable Cepex receptacles?

We are offering a spare lock and a key for our Cepex receptacles. It is not possible to provide a single key.

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