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Plug AM-TOP® 2930

Clock position
  • screw terminals
  • single part body
  • cable gland and sealing
  • strain relief and protection against kinking
  • Part no.2930
  • EAN4015394017042
  • Std. Pack. 10 Qty.

Technical specifications

Plug AM-TOP® 2930

Ampere 16 A
Poles 3 p
Voltage 250 V
Clock position 8 h
Hertz (DC)
Connection technology Screw terminals
Contact standard
Protection type IP 67
Weight 133 g
Declaration of Conformity VDE
EAC (Zwangszulassung)

Appropriate accessories

Plug AM-TOP® 2930

Protective cover

Part no. 40784

for watertight plugs, wall mounted and panel mounted inlets


Plug guard

Part no. 41416

fits all CEE plugs, panel mounted and wall mounted inlets from 16 A, 3 p up to 125 A, 5 p, not suitable for low voltage