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Can I get a signal from the CEE plugs and connectors?

Yes, for receptacles and connectors 63 A and 125 A, this can be done with a “P” or “PKS” switch.

P switch: this involves another sleeve being added to the internal wiring, which uses the standard pin on the plug to create a lagging connection.

PKS switch: this involves a switch being installed into the internal wiring. This creates an NO contact pair with no potential, which is mechanically provided with lagging current via the pin in the plug.

In both cases, this must be done ex-works; installation after the fact is not possible. When used for connector plugs, control current wires in the cable must be taken into account.

For sockets 16 A and 32 A, there are several types where an auxiliary switch can be installed: item no. 41000 (this is possible later on). The MENNEKES catalog indicates the receptacles that this is possible for.