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This is where to find current press releases and news about our company and business units of industrial plugs and sockets, eMobility and automotive. Copy and relevant artwork are available for download as part of the communication you received. If you publish any of our artwork, please quote the following copyright: Artwork: MENNEKES.

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As a specialist for industrial plugs and sockets and a pioneer in electromobility, MENNEKES is shaping with you the market of the future.…

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Do you have a press-related request for information about our company? Our media team is looking forward to assisting you. Your regional contact person will be happy to answer any questions you may have about quotations, orders, project management or technical support.

Please direct general press-related requests for information about the industrial plugs and sockets business section to the:

Johannes Brand

Head of central marketing and marketing of industrial plugs and sockets

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Simon Ratmann

Company communications editor

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Giovanni Cardillo

Giovanni Cardillo

Product communications editor

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Please direct press-related requests for information about the eMobility business unit to the:

Christina Debus

Christina Debus

Head of eMobility marketing

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Alexander Gehb

Online eMobility editor

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Office of the press secretary

Kirsten Hoffmann

Assistance is provided by the office team of the press secretary

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