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Question & Answers

What are the initial symmetrical short-circuit current (IK) values of products from MENNEKES?

Our products have various IK values. Your contact at MENNEKES will be happy to tell you the IK value for the specific part number. 

Are receptacle combinations from MENNEKES tested and approved by the VDE institute (or equivalent body)?

Receptacle combinations from MENNEKES can be subject to various product standards. Usually, we manufacture product series in accordance with IEC 61439, IEC 60309 and VDE 0620.

What is the difference between articles 1128A and 1128P?

Articles 1128A and 1128P (Panel mounted socket with screw contact) are almost identical products. However, article 1128P has a pilot contact that can be used for additional signalling/controlling.

What is the extra pin used for in 63-amp and 125-amp plugs?

The extra pin is called a pilot pin and it can be used to control additional signals (e.g. clearance of plug and socket/signal activation).

Are there schematic diagrams for 3KRAFT® and AirKRAFT® products?

Product information sheets with dimensional drawings of 3KRAFT® and AirKRAFT® products can be found on the corresponding product detail pages. There are no schematic diagrams for these product groups. 

Are there IP5x EverGUM® products?

The standard IP protection classes for the EverGUM® product series are IP 44 and IP 67. Another protection class can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What does the standard 60309 mean?

The standard DIN EN / IEC 60309 is an international standard for plugs and sockets, electric couplers and device connectors that are primarily intended for industrial use (with nominal operating voltages of up to 1000 V, 500 Hz and a nominal current of up to 125 A). Part 1 of the standard describes the general requirements for all industrial connectors. Part 2 specifies a series of connectors with round housings with different numbers and arrangements of contact pins for different applications. Our CEE plugs and sockets are manufactured in accordance with this standard. 

What does the standard BS EN 61439 mean?

The standard DIN EN / IEC 61439 replaced the standard 60439 at the end of 2014. The standard describes the design and test specifications for low-voltage switchgear combinations. The standard defines the safety requirements for devices that are used to distribute electrical energy in industry, in private households and on construction sites. The standard guarantees a higher safety standard and is used, for example, for energy distributors, switchgear and distribution cabinets. More information

What do I use a 7-pin device for?

7-pin plugs and sockets can be used for any application that requires additional contacts.