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DUO Switched & Interlocked

Our DUO wall mounted socket family: Improved, with fantastic new features

Machines and systems operate day and night, conveyor belts run without pause and cranes work nonstop to lift and carry materials weighing tons. Container ports, shipyards, factories, mines, food processing and warehouses are always bustling with activity. Everywhere there‘s a need for safe reliable power in order to work smoothly and cost-effectively. This is where our switched and interlocked DUO wall mounted sockets come in. They‘ve been popular for years across a wide variety of industries and applications. Now we‘ve completely redesigned and optimised this family of sockets, which come in 16 A and 32 A versions with 3, 4, or 5 poles. The result is a new and improved product with fantastic new features. See for yourself.

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Easy, time-saving installation

It‘s important for a product to be easy, time-saving and cost effective to install and perform reliably. We have therefore designed our switched and interlocked DUO wall mounted sockets with lots of helpful new features:

Enclosure base with outstanding features

The enclosure base can be rotated through 180 degrees. This lets you flexibly use the M32 cable gland to bring the supply cable in from the top or bottom as required. The enclosure base has four sealed cable entries with different pre-installed threads (three M25 and one M32). You simply push out the grommet of the desired entry for easy termination. You can also get sturdy glands for M32 and M25 cables from us as accessories.

Practical mounting plate

The mounting plate is removable for easy cable installation. The socket and switch disconnector are on the mounting plate and come prewired. You can also easily remove the mounting plate with the socket and switch as a single unit at any time, for example to place them on a firm surface for maintenance work.

Ingenious combination head screws

Each switched and interlocked DUO wall mounted socket has four captive combination head screws with quick-screw double thread and interior drive ratchet. This lets you quickly and easily open and close the enclosure using an Allen key or flat-tip screwdriver. The combination head screws are made of plastic and therefore considerably more durable than metal screws.

Safe and easy operation

Whether you‘re an electrician who installs and services sockets or a user, the safe, easy installation and operation of sockets is essential. Our DUO wall mounted sockets deliver safety and convenience in two ways:

DUO lock 1

Our DUO wall mounted sockets integrate a switch disconnector with an easy-to-grip rotary switch. It‘s only possible to connect or disconnect a plug when the switch is in its OFF position―for your own safety.

DUO lock 2

When a plug is in the socket, you can turn the switch to „ON“. This mechanically locks the socket to prevent the plug from being pulled out when it‘s carrying a live current. The result is safe, reliable power for your equipment and machines.

Greater safety thanks to a nubbed and rubberised hinged lid (with IP67 ingress protection)

Our DUO wall mounted sockets which deliver IP67 ingress protection, are equipped with a pimpled rubberised hinged cap. It‘s extremely easy to grab and hold, even in moist or wet conditions, for easy opening and closing.

Practical aperture with hinged lid

For comfortable use and reliable operation without mishaps: the socket‘s hinged cap is easy to open and close. It opens upward instead of toward the wall. This prevents collisions with connected cables and cable glands.

Lockout/tagout padlock for additional protection

Do you need to play it absolutely safe? The selector knob of every DUO wall mounted socket`s switch has a hole for attaching your own lockout/tagout padlock. This gives you added safety by preventing the switch from being unintentionally turned on when a plug is in the socket. The result is complete safety, for example for carrying out maintenance tasks. It‘s impossible for current to be unintentionally delivered to machines or other equipment― essential for preventing accidents.

Effortless connect and disconnect with X-CONTACT

The DUO wall mounted socket features our X-CONTACT contact sleeve technology. The sleeves, which are made of a resilient flexible material, are slotted in an X pattern. When a plug is inserted, its pin expands the opening in the contact sleeve. The plug and receptacle are thus securely joined. It‘s also especially easy to connect and disconnect a plug― as much as 50% less force is required.

Quick availability of product information through QR code

Product information must be available for electricians and users. By scanning the centrally applied QR code, installation and operating instructions, accessories or spare parts, declarations of conformity and other important documents relating to the product are directly available at any time.

Robust, durable materials - For all situations and years of use

The enclosure of our DUO wall mounted sockets are made of high-quality plastic. They are available in your choice of material: engineering thermoplastic or plastic that is resistant to chemical attack. The plastics used are break- and impact-resistant, highly electrically insulating, and impervious to heat and cold. The special plastic used also provides protection from aggressive substances such as chemicals, oils, fats, alkaline, and saltwater.

Depending on the version, our DUO wall mounted sockets have IP44 or IP67 ingress protection and foamed seals. This reliably protects them from water spray, dust, and penetration by small foreign bodies and water.

This way you get a product that is extremely robust and weatherproof and will perform reliably for many years.

Simply replace the existing DUO with the new one

The bases of our wall mounted sockets have standard dimensions that match those of the older DUO models. This lets you easily replace existing DUO wall mounted sockets with new models.

Do you have any questions on switched and interlocked wall mounted sockets? We'll be happy to assist you. Just talk to us!