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MENNEKES AMAXX receptacle combination 940025
MENNEKES AMAXX receptacle combination 940025 images3d

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AMAXX receptacle combination 940025

With AMAXX you combine cleverly and save valuable installation time. Only one supply line, fewer drill holes, fewer cable and pipe clamps and only one enclosure with external mounting that allows installation by one person. The hinged enclosure cover opening to the side as well as the pull-out top-hat rails and the large connection compartment simplify the connection. AMAXX is pre-wired for connection and tested for electrical safety and quality according to IEC 61439.

CEE 63 A, 5 p, 400 V
CEE 32 A, 5 p, 400 V
CEE 16 A, 5 p, 400 V
French/Belgian standard
  • pre-wired for installation
  • hinged to the side
  • enclosure and insert made of AMAPLAST
  • fusing behind a transparent cover
  • Part no.940025
  • EAN4015394223825
  • Std. Pack. 1
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Technical specifications

AMAXX receptacle combination 940025

CEE 63 A, 5 p, 400 V 1
CEE 32 A, 5 p, 400 V 1
CEE 16 A, 5 p, 400 V 1
French/Belgian standard 2
  • 1 RCD 63 A, 4 p, 0.03 A
  • 1 MCB 32 A, 3 p+N, C
  • 1 MCB 16 A, 3 p+N, C
  • 2 MCB´s 16 A, 1 p+N, C
Pre-fuse max. 63 A
InA 63 A
RDF 0.5
Connection/feeder cable
  • for 2 cables up to 5 x 25 mm²
Protection type IP44
Enclosure material Plastic
Weight 8120 g
Height 520 mm
Width 225 mm
Certifications EAC
Storage receptacle combination C


AMAXX receptacle combination 940025

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AMAXX receptacle combination 940025

Appropriate accessories

AMAXX receptacle combination 940025

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Frequently asked questions about the product

Can I order partially wired receptacle combinations from MENNNEKES?

We are offering fully wired receptacle combinations in compliance with IEC 61439. The party completing a partially wired receptacle combination becomes the manufacturer who is thus under obligation to test the receptacle combination in accordance with IEC 61439.

Can I make changes to the receptacle combination or extend it?

Making a modification to the receptacle combination will make you the manufacturer of the product and you will have to assume full liability for the product.

Are receptacle combinations from MENNEKES tested and approved by the VDE institute (or equivalent body)?

Receptacle combinations from MENNEKES can be subject to various product standards. Usually, we manufacture product series in accordance with IEC 61439, IEC 60309 and VDE 0620.

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