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MENNEKES Phase sequence test plug 3461
MENNEKES Phase sequence test plug 3461 images3d

Phase sequence test plug 3461

Clock position
  • to VDE 0413, part 7, DIN-EN 61557-7
  • Part no.3461
  • EAN4015394019220
  • Std. Pack. 5
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Technical specifications

Phase sequence test plug 3461

Ampere 32 A
Poles 4 p
Voltage 500 V
Clock position 7 h
Hertz 50-60 Hz
Contact standard
Protection type IP44
Weight 212 g
Declaration of Conformity CQC

Frequently asked questions about the product

What is a rotating field control test plug?

Three-phase sockets must be connected in such a way that there is a clockwise rotating field. The rotating field control test plug differs from normal plugs due to its transparent housing. By means of two control lamps inside the housing, this plug indicates whether the field is rotating in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction and checks that all 3 phases are present. This shows the direction of the rotating field. If the rotating field is correct, the green lamp lights up; if the rotating field is incorrect, the red lamp lights up and if a phase is missing, both lamps light up. More information

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