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PowerTOP Xtra and AM-TOP plugs and connectors

  • robust and heat resistant
  • reliable, interference-free power supply
  • screw terminals
  • cable gland and sealing
  • strain relief and protection against kinking

The versatile all-rounders

For data centers, we offer you plugs and connectors of our versatile PowerTOP Xtra family and our proven AM-TOP plugs and connectors. The PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors in 63 A come with highly heat resistant contact carriers and are optionally available with nickel plated contacts. The 5 pole plugs and connectors for 16 and 32 A are also available in a PowerTOP Xtra R version with the same robust features.

Our AM-TOP plugs and connectors have a single part body, while that of the PowerTOP Xtra additionally includes a robust thread lock. All of the enclosures and the cable gland of the AM-TOP are made of high-quality plastic, while the PowerTOP Xtra also has a high-quality rubberized surface for easier gripping. The AM-TOP plugs and connectors feature IP67 protection, and those of the PowerTOP Xtra series feature IP54 (for 16 and 32A) or IP67 (for 63A). This way you can count on extremely robust, heat resistant solutions that stand up excellently to the constant stresses that are typical of data centers and continue operating reliably for years to come.

All PowerTOP Xtra connectors feature our X-CONTACT contact sleeve technology. The sleeves are slotted in an X pattern and are made of a resilient elastic material. In the PowerTOP Xtra connectors for 63 A, the insides of the X-CONTACT sleeves are grooved. The combination of interior grooves, elastic material, and slotted sleeves makes sure that the plug and connector are securely joined.

In the PowerTOP Xtra, a thread lock and a locking slider on the enclosure additionally ensure that the plug and connector securely lock. The AM-TOP plugs and connectors have a cable gland with sealing and bayonet ring (with IP67). The ring prevents the plug from being unintentionally pulled out – thus guaranteeing extra-secure locking and a dependable, problem-free power supply.

Both solutions also include a protection against kinking. These outstanding details help to ensure a reliable, fault-free power supply to servers 24/7.

The X-CONTACT technology makes it extremely easy to connect and disconnect the plug and connector – requiring up to 50% less force. Two ingenious connection technologies enable an easy and time saving installation of our plugs an sockets. The AM-TOP and PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors with 63 A come with screw terminals, while the PowerTOP Xtra solutions in 16 and 32 A feature the specially further developed the screw connection technology ErgoCONTACT.

Plugs and sockets for the Data center

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