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Product solutions for the production of beverages

The production of beverages usually takes place in a closed production process whereby the beverages pass through various tanks and hoses and flow directly into the designated bottles or containers. Still, the ambient conditions must meet strict standards to ensure that the beverages are not contaminated. The cleanliness of the production hall is therefore a key factor, as is the reliable power supply of the equipment and machinery.

MENNEKES offers a broad portfolio of different receptacles that can be wall mounted or panel mounted, plugs and connectors, as well as receptacle combinations. Our product solutions have been in operation at various beverage companies all over the world for years. The high-quality materials used for plugs and sockets and energy distributor enclosures are durable and resistant to cleaning agents and water jets and are thus suitable for long-term operation.

Receptacle combinations of the AMAXX series can be adapted and equipped specific to your application. In addition to CEE receptacles, we can also install SCHUKO receptacles, network ports for the secure and fast transmission of data or a compressed-air connection point. Wall mounted or suspendable versions of the combinations are available in various sizes. We will be happy to advise you in person and assist you in determining the right MENNEKES product solutions specific to your business operation.

In addition to combinations, we also offer switched and interlocked DUO wall mounted receptacles to serve as a decentralized power supply in your business operation. The mechanical switch allows for individual electrical consumers to be easily switched off – for example for routine cleaning or maintenance work. Thanks to rounded edges, no contamination can accumulate on the enclosure. Other products included in our portfolio are the extremely rugged PowerTOP Xtra plugs and connectors with IP54 and IP67 / IP69 ratings.

Plugs and sockets for the Food Industry

MENNEKES offers wall mounted receptacles, plugs and connectors that have outstanding product properties such as chemical resistance, protection class IP67 / IP69 and protection against dirt deposits.

Portfolio Plugs and sockets
Receptacle combinations for the Food Industry

The MENNEKES receptacle combinations AMAXX and DELTA-BOX are particularly recommended for use in the food industry due to their chemical resistance, high degree of protection and variable application options.

Portfolio Receptacle combinations

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