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Stable power distribution for train stations

  • robust, long-lived material
  • permanently installable, mobile, and freestanding products
  • flexibly configurable track power take-offs
  • an ingenious contact sleeve technology makes it easy to insert and remove plugs
  • protected from dust and water
  • on request with special plastic (for protection from aggressive substances)
  • special solutions for special requirements

Trains arrive and depart, thousands of passengers walk between platforms, switches and signals are set and reset, and announcements constantly blare from speakers: train stations typically bustle with activity. Behind the scenes, lots of personnel labor to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To do their jobs, they depend on a reliable power supply. Our robust, safe solutions reliably support those who work in and around train stations. They consistently perform, even in wind and bad weather. Our product portfolio for train stations includes permanently installed track receptacle combinations, mobile track receptacle combinations, plugs and sockets, and free standing power distributors made of solid pipe steel or stainless steel.

Track combination units distributors, plugs and sockets for train stations

Service, maintenance, and cleaning work follows a tight schedule: on platforms, in maintenance and repair facilities, or in washing systems. This makes it all the more important for all power distributors to work without a hitch. To deal with this, we offer you flexibly configurable track combination units of the AMAXX® product family for wall mounted combination units: with different housing materials, optionally with special plastic; mobile combination units of the EverGUM® product family; strength-saving plugs and sockets of our PowerTOP® Xtra family from 16 to 125 A; and special high-current aluminum plugs and sockets for 200 to 400 A.

Our CombiTOWER® is an ideal distributor for use around tracks. It integrates all required connections for electrical power and compressed air right where they are needed for work in classification yards or on maintenance or parking sidings. The CombiTOWER® is optionally available with a lockable door. It's equipped with a standard pin tumbler lock, which facilitates integration in existing locking systems. The tower is available in IP 44 to IP 67 to meet different railway operators' specifications.

Special solution for use at train station tracks

We can also produce custom track combination units versions for you. These special versions are developed and built to precisely meet your particular requirements with regard to dimensions and configuration. Various operators are already relying on our robust made-to-order track combination units.

Freestanding power distributor for train stations

The power distributors used in train stations must meet very demanding requirements: they have to be especially robust and secure in order to foil any attempt by third parties to intentionally manipulate or damage them. You can get free standing lockable power posts made of solid pipe steel from us, in different sizes and colors. They can also be locked while leaving the plugs inserted to keep them secure at all times. We also carry CombiTOWER® receptacle combinations that can be optionally equipped with a lockable door.

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