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For shipyard halls and buildings

In addition to the manufacturing of entire ships and ship segments, all types of repairs also take place in shipyard halls. Not only are the dimensions of these shipyard halls and docks gigantic, the energy requirements and the number of plug and socket connections are also enormous. To ensure smooth operation under these harsh conditions, the highest standards are necessarily imposed on quality and material. In this area MENNEKES already offers a variety of standard solutions. Moreover, the specific requirements are often quite individual. Whether you are the director of production, director of maintenance or the planner – MENNEKES is the optimal partner for your specific requirements. We can respond with great flexibility to your requests in our development and production and can implement the receptacle combination that is ideal for you.

Wall mounted receptacles

AMAXX® receptacle combinations

AMAXX® receptacle combinations, special solution

Special wall combinations

  • increased corrosion protection
  • fusing as well as residual current protection
  • robust quality and durability
  • simple, self-explanatory operation
  • enclosures of high-quality thermoplastic
  • the receptacles are individually fitted for on-site requirement
  • enclosure can be flange-mounted
  • large individual solution
  • busbar systems are possible

Wall mounted receptacles

In addition to the classic wall mounted receptacles, the MENNEKES range up to 400 A also includes variants with increased corrosion protection and fusing, as well as residual current protection. This pays off, particularly in the shipbuilding industry, where the demands imposed on material and products are extremely high. In this application robust quality and durability are characteristic of every single wall mounted receptacle and receptacle combination, so that your employees can concentrate completely on their work.

Another aspect that applies in particular measure for shipyards, and which is very important to us for our products, is the simple, self-explanatory operability. More so than in other industry segments, often many people of different nationalities work together in the shipbuilding industry. Consequently, the intuitive use of our products, without the necessity of verbal explanation, is of special significance. MENNEKES meets this requirement through a unique, pragmatic design vocabulary and a clear colour-coding of functions.

  • with X-CONTACT: ensure safe contact and simple handling
  • as much as 50% less expenditure of force
  • fused, switched and interlocked
  • robust quality and durability

AMAXX® receptacle combinations

The AMAXX® receptacle combinations from MENNEKES are the central element of the permanently installed energy distribution. Thanks to their modular structure they can be put together individually and precisely as needed for each point in the shipyard hall. Thus they form the foundation of the power distribution in the hall. Depending on ambient conditions the enclosure material can also be selected appropriately for the respective requirement, e.g. AMELAN for high chemical resistance, with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical characteristics, or EverGUM with high dimensional stability and resistance to aging. Energy and data can easily be combined thanks to the modular system. MENNEKES offers the right combination for every requirement: from the smallest AMAXX® receptacle combination with one segment, to the largest with five segments, and extending to the suspended receptacle combinations. They can be fitted with an extensive range of options in six different enclosure sizes, and as always in an appealing design: With AMAXX® from MENNEKES virtually an infinite number of combination possibilities open up for the qualified electrician.

  • for different applications
  • modular structure
  • self-explanatory operability
  • individual project planning
  • customer-specific solutions
  • virtually an infinite number of combination possibilities

Special solutions – custom-manufactured, easily installed, unit-tested.

For special requirements, together with you we plan the appropriate special solution, which we develop and implement as a custom solution for you. MENNEKES has extensive experience in the implementation of such customer-specific solutions, for the shipbuilding industry in particular. For us at MENNEKES the intensive dialogue with our customers is the most important driving force for innovation and development. This provides us with a continuous, as well as intensive and unfalsified impression of what is required in everyday practice. Often impetus arises from such individual insights that drive us to new product innovations. Not rarely, series production products are developed from individual solutions, or we learn things from individual solutions that we can transfer into series production. Thus our strength in such individual solutions becomes our engine for permanent further development and our lived proximity to our customers and their needs.

  • shore connection is possible
  • integration of diverse switchgear is possible

Mobile applications for shipyard halls

Mobile distributors

It is likely that the mobile distributors are primarily exposed to the most extreme stress. Just the constant transport in the shipyard halls alone imposes particular requirements on the stability of the products. The robust, stackable, insulated enclosures from MENNEKES are optimally suited to withstand this stress in indoor and outdoor use. They protect the receptacles and installed devices through their stable enclosure frame. The enclosures of our EverGUM distributors are made of a solid rubber mixture. The material has a high resistance to disruptive current and tracking.

  • can be fitted with up to 125 A
  • protection against condensation with IP 67
  • robust enclosure
  • impact-resistant
  • high dieletric strength and creep resistance
  • compact: underpart of the enclosure with 77 mm ground clearance
  • receptacle strip: possible window size for six or eight module widths

Special solutions

Based on our years of experience working together with shipyards, we see a special requirement for individual solutions, particularly in the planning of mobile distribution in shipyards and on the dock. Since, to a great extent, mobile distribution must be matched to the specific production processes, here as well the need for customer-specific solutions is greatest. Consequently we have already implemented many mobile distributors as special solutions in accordance with specific customer requests. Contact us. The earlier you integrate us in your planning, the better we can respond to your specific requirements. Plan with MENNEKES, then you can count on a solution that is perfect for your desires, particularly when the objective is flexible applications in shipyard halls.

  • mobile and crane-compatible
  • wind-up mechanism for the supply cable