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Wind turbine operation

On land or sea, wind farms produce and distribute enormous amounts of energy and in so doing they are subject to high loads. MENNEKES offers robust plugs and sockets as well as receptacle combinations that are commensurate with these challenges that have been used around the world for many years.

The equipment of individual wind turbines must be designed for the special requirements of long-term operation. Our configurable energy distributors with robust enclosures and easy-to-maintain connections are suitable in this regard. Our AMAXX receptacle combinations can be modularly populated to meet customer requirements and thus offer flexible implementation possibilities. Thanks to the exterior fastening you also save time and money on installation. Moreover, we offer additional wall mounted and panel mounted receptacles. Our product solutions are configured for amperage from 16 to 125 A and for voltage up to 690 V.

Onshore wind turbines

Wind turbines in on-shore wind farms have a service life between 20 and 30 years before they are dismantled and recycled. Consequently, all components of these wind turbines must function safely, long-term. Because wind turbines are often erected far from large cities and are often difficult to reach, easy and efficient maintenance tasks are required. This is where the benefits of the MENNEKES product solutions are readily apparent. Our receptacle combinations and plugs and sockets are safe, easy to handle and they offer a long service life in continuous use.

Our AMAXX energy distributors have standardized enclosure sizes, in addition they can be custom-configured and custom-equipped. Our proven ErgoCONTACT and SafeCONTACT connection technologies enable fast, one-man assembly when erecting wind turbines and easy maintenance in running operation thereafter. The screwless TwinCONTACT connection technology in our wall mounted and panel mounted receptacles also permanently withstands the constant vibration in the tower caused by strong wind. This innovative spring terminal technology firmly fixes conductors in place with coded double clamps. This means that the individual wind turbine components require less maintenance and can remain in operation for many years.

Offshore wind turbines

Wind turbines have now become a familiar sight on the high seas and in coastal areas. The high and constant wind speeds at sea are ideal for generating power through rotor turbines. The energy that is generated is transported to the coast by means of submarine cables and supplied into the power mix. In this process, offshore wind turbines are subjected to extreme weather conditions over many years and must function reliably.

Our plugs and sockets and receptacle combinations are made of high-quality materials and are ideally configured for continuous operation on offshore wind farms under harsh conditions. Nickle plated contacts in our plugs and sockets are particularly resistant to salty sea air; they are less susceptible to corrosion and require less frequent maintenance or replacement. Particularly for difficult to access power generators, such as offshore wind turbines and offshore substations, operating costs can be kept to a minimum.

Moreover, resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations is critical for wind turbine equipment. Our AMAXX receptacle combinations are available with protection rating IP67, this means that the enclosures are completely watertight. Membrane cable glands ensure that condensation within the power distributor is safely routed to the exterior.

Thanks to our worldwide network of MENNEKES offices and partners, our product solutions for wind energy generation systems are available everywhere in the world.

Plugs and sockets for the Wind turbines

We offer various wall and surface-mounted receptacles for power distribution in the tower and nacelle of wind turbines. You can find the right product solutions here on the corresponding portfolio:

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Receptacle combinations for the Wind turbines

Our individually equipable AMAXX receptacle combinations and other wall-mounted power distributors for use within the systems can be found here:

Portfolio Receptacle combinations


Cable glands, protective caps and other accessories are available to match our plugs and sockets. Here you will find all additional parts for our product solutions for wind turbines:

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