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Building infrastructure and trailers

The decentralized distribution of energy is essential inside a logistics center to enable all systems and machinery to be continuously and independently supplied with power. More and more logistics centers are needed currently and in the coming years and they must be built and equipped quickly. Our receptacles and receptacle combinations are particularly user-friendly when it comes to installation and maintenance thanks to a practical design and innovative connection technologies, and these help you save time in more than one way.

For the power supply of large warehouses, we offer all-purpose AMAXX combinations. These practical energy distributors can be configured according to your requirements. We'll gladly advise you regarding the selection and features of the appropriate receptacle combination. In addition to the wall mounted versions, AMAXX receptacles are also available as suspendable energy distributors. Another combination for a practical and flexible ceiling installation is our proven DELTA-BOX with an IP44, IP67 or IP68 rating. We recommend using IP44 rated, wall mounted receptacles for additional connections.

For outdoor applications, we also offer AMAXX combinations in a stainless steel CombiTOWER. This ensures that the energy distributors are protected against wind and weather and available at all times as a power source outside the buildings. All product solutions are equipped with our proven connection technologies. Thanks to their innovative design, all plugs, connectors and receptacles from MENNEKES can be installed and serviced quickly and easily.

Application possibilities

For a flexible provision of data interfaces in logistics centers, our CEPEX series offers many advantages:

  • Protection class IP44 when connectors are plugged in and the cover is closed
  • Lockable to increase network security

Power supply of trailers

For the power supply of parked trailers, our product range also includes plugs and connectors for the required supply lines in addition to the receptacles for the warehouse end. The plugs and connectors of our PowerTOP Xtra family are distinguished by a long service life and available with IP67/IP69 ratings. They can be connected and disconnected with ease countless times thanks to the contact sleeve technology called X-CONTACT.

With our global sales network of subsidiaries, representations and partners and our expertise in the logistics industry, we are in a position to provide customized assistance with the planning and implementation of your projects. Our contact persons will be happy to assist you with the selection of the right product solutions for your logistics center.

Plugs and sockets for the Logistics Centers

The durable and robust plugs, connectors and wall mounted receptacles are equipped with our proven connection technology. Thanks to their innovative design, all MENNEKES plugs and sockets can be installed and maintained in a time-saving manner.

Portfolio Plugs and sockets
Receptacle combinations for the Logistics Centers

Get to know the innovative MENNEKES receptacle combinations. The AMAXX distributors are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The exact specifications and configurations can be determined individually.

Portfolio Receptacle combinations

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