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Power supply of systems technology

Machinery and devices of various sizes and complexities are used within logistics centers to be able to process goods and products. Conveyors, packing stations and other electrical consumers have to be supplied with the required power while also serving as a part of the energy distribution system. Many of these systems therefore come pre-equipped with power distributors.

Our space-saving receptacle combinations of the AMAXX family are particularly well suitable for use with systems technologies within a logistics center. Combinations can be equipped with SCHUKO®, CEE and data receptacles. This way, you can use the AMAXX to directly connect additional devices to the existing system. Further product solutions for the efficient distribution of power include our practical Cepex receptacle systems for SCHUKO® receptacles and data ports.

Thanks to innovative connection technologies, all product solutions can be easily fitted during systems installation, and they can be operated and maintained with ease during use. The CAD data of our products also facilitate the problem-free integration into the manufacture of the systems. Our employees will gladly assist you in determining the right product solutions for equipping the appropriate AMAXX receptacle combination.

Plugs and sockets for the Logistics Centers

The durable and robust plugs, connectors and wall mounted receptacles are equipped with our proven connection technologies. Thanks to the innovative design, all MENNEKES connectors can be installed and maintained in a time-saving manner.

Portfolio Plugs and sockets
Receptacle combinations for the Logistics Centers

Get to know the innovative MENNEKES receptacle combinations. The AMAXX distributors are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. The exact specifications and configurations can be determined individually.

Portfolio Receptacle combinations

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